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How does it work?

The water molecule as it passes through the ground picks up the minerals Calcium, Magnesium and Iron. These are healthy minerals required by our bodies. However, left untreated they affix themselves to the insides of pipes, hot water tanks, appliances and make it more difficult for soaps and detergents to work effectively. That why it’s called hard water. In a conventional ion exchange softener, those healthy minerals are replaced with 2 and one half times as much sodium. Too much sodium is unhealthy for our bodies and harmful to septic systems and water ways. Our magnetic conditioner charges the minerals causing them to repel themselves and not allow them to adhere to pipes etc. This allows soaps and detergents to work effectively and for us to consume the healthy minerals instead of sodium.

Where do I install the H2OSoft unit?

The unit is installed over the incoming water line to your home, no modifications to your home water system is required.

Can I use a H2OSoft unit on my motorhome or camper?

Yes, we have a unit specifically made for motorhomes and campers.

Does the iron collect at the point of the magnets?

No, the magnetic field charges the minerals causing them to repel each other and not stick to anything.

Will it stop the yellow staining of fixtures?

The staining will be reduced however to completely eliminate iron staining the use of a whole house reverse osmosis filter is required.

Will it eliminate the sulphur smell?

No, a peroxide system is required to eliminate the sulphur smell.

How long will the magnetic field last?

50 years

How strong is the field generated by the magnets?

Magnetic field strength is generally measured in gauss but it is a very complicated computation. The easy answer is approximately 400 lbs. of pulling force at the area of water flow.

Will it harm my water system?

No, it actually will help by keeping pipes and equipment clear of minerals and will allow them to operate more efficiently.

Will the magnetically treated water harm my family, pets, or plants?

No, actually study after study has shown the mineral rich water to be healthy for all uses and even has shown a 30% increase in crop yields.


Our product doesn't use electricity or salt, saving you maintenance time and money and magnetically treated water is healthy for humans, pets, and plants.

Made in the USA

Our products are proudly made in the USA. We consistently improve and innovate our environmentally-friendly manufacturing facility. Our facility is 100% powered by wind generation.


Changing to an H2OSoft water conditioner will save you hundreds of dollars each year not to mention handling those heavy bags of salt each month.


We are so sure you'll be satisfied with our product we offer a ONE YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!